Donate Your Democracy Vouchers Today

Donate your Democracy Vouchers to Support Bruce!

Here are three options to help you donate your vouchers to Bruce today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email


Donate Your Vouchers via Mail

1. Find your four Democracy Vouchers (mailed in early February).
2. Write “Bruce Harrell” in the candidate name section and sign your name on each voucher you’d like to donate.
3. Place your vouchers in the included return envelope and drop them in the mail! (postage is pre-paid!)


Return Vouchers via the Online Portal

1. Find your physical Democracy Vouchers.

2. Click this link and follow instructions to assign your vouchers online.

Submit a Replacement Voucher Form Online

1. Scroll down to the form at the bottom of this page.
2. Sign and date the form for each voucher you’d like to donate. To submit, you must give at least one voucher, and can donate up to all four if you choose.
3. Fill in the Resident Contact Information section.

4. Submit!

Not part of the voucher program? You can apply today!

If you live in Seattle and are a Legal Permanent Resident or a citizen who is not registered to vote, you can participate in the Democracy Vouchers program.

1. Click here to learn more and see if you qualify to participate.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to choose your application form language (English form).
3. Fill out the form and follow the instructions to return your application.