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Health Care for All Seattle Residents

No one in our city should live without access to health care.

Cities like San Francisco have developed basic coverage models that provide access to those at risk of falling through the cracks of a costly, cumbersome, and racially inequitable system. Employees of small businesses, gig economy workers, young people, and anyone experiencing homelessness or economic disruption all deserve quality care. Let’s come together and build a system that shows our commitment to a healthy community.

  • Partner with providers and hospitals to allow affordable, point of service or ongoing care.

  • Leverage additional foundation and private sector support to offset program costs.

  • Work with small businesses to scale program access and cost.

  • Make broader care and coverage an integral part of our plan to address homelessness; as we expand treatment and services, it is less expensive to offer comprehensive and preventative care than rely on emergency rooms and first responders.

Launching this type of program will require trust and collaboration, bringing all parties to the table with a common goal of providing coverage and support to all in our city. I’m excited to take on this important and overdue challenge.